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Just a few of our many rescues: 
Spenser, one of our Great Pyrs, bonding with a group of adopted Muscovy and Mallard ducks.
Bella was thrown, starving and beaten, over our front gate in 2007.
Romeo, a green conure rescued from a neglectful situation in 2000.
Mama goat and Oreo: Several months after adopting a female black pygmy goat, we received a nice surprise when she gave birth to little Oreo. 
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In memory of our most-loved sweet and gentle Bear, this page is devoted to our rescues
The story of Bear's Gate:

We found Bear on the side of a street in 2003. His pads had been burned from the hot pavement and he was unable to walk. He was at least 8 years old, had parasites indicating that he had been surviving on rotten garbage and dead animals for an extended time, and cracks on his teeth suggestive of having chewed on a metal chain. With his intense gratefulness at having been given a loving home and his gentle demeanor with all of the people and animals he came in contact with, Bear quickly stole our hearts and changed our lives. While we could literally write volumes about this very special little Chow, one story in particular illustrates just how amazing he was. Although he did not have an aggressive bone in his body, in December of 2007 he successfully defended the farm from coyotes. He never turned his back to escape and he fought off the coyotes, alone, until he could no longer stand. Bear recovered remarkably quickly and when he was able to walk again, the first thing he did was revisit the sight of his fight and do a little "dance" on the spot as if to celebrate his success. The following February, Bear had his senior exam and was declared “older than dirt" but in excellent general health. Our veterinarian warned us that, at his age - estimated to be at least 14 years old - every day that Bear was still with us was a small miracle. Although we cherished every single day with him, we were ill prepared for the terrible void that was left in our lives when Bear passed away six months later, on 8/20/2008, less than 48 hours after showing the first symptoms of advanced lymphoma. We are heart-broken at losing Bear and our lives are greatly diminished without him. In Bear’s memory, we have had a sign made to hang on the gate that Bear selected as his own for going into and out of our pastures, declaring it “Bear’s Gate.” Bear, thank you for the love you gave us and the joy you brought us. We love and miss you more than words can express.
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